Mobifone Vietnam Services

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is how-to-e1542992325421.jpgThese are the basic settings for the Mobifone mobile phone network in Vietnam. You can also check the Mobifone APN settings on this website. The settings below do change so check with their customer service if the settings do not work.

Mobifone Vietnam Services

(excluding Fast Connect subscribers)

Call Me Service

This service allows you to send a local SMS to another person to ask them to call you back. If the phone is roaming internationally then you will be charged according to the tariffs. 

SMS Barring

This is a paid for service which allows you to block users from sending you SMS text messages from one or several MobiFone’s phone numbers

You can also see the Gmobile Vietnam USSD settings here as well as the Mobifone Vietnam services. These are mainly APN settings as well as the USSD codes for Sunrise Germany and the USSD codes for Vistream as well as the APN Settings for Tchibo out in Germany. See also the Mobitel balance check as well as the Ooredoo balance check code on here.


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