Exynos 9 Series (9820)

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There are three CPU’s in the Samsung 9 range. There is a Exynos 9 Series 9820 as well as the Exynos 9 Series 9810 as well as the Exynos 9 Series 8895. The specifications are different so check your mobile phone for the specs in your mobile phone. Note that just because the CPU and GPU can manage a 22MP camera does not mean that the phone will have this installed. They normally use the same Samsung CPU with lower spec abilities.

Exynos 9 Series (9820) Specs

Exynos 9 SeriesThe CPU being the Exynos 9 Series (9820) consists of two custom cores which are two Cortex-A75 cores for optimal performance, and four Cortex-A55 cores for greater efficiency, this will will boost multi-core performance by 15 percent when compared to the Exynos 9810.

Now while this is impressive this 4th generation CPU with its enhanced memory access capability also improves single core performance by up to 20 percent or boosts power efficiency by up to 40 percent. The idea is that not all the cores will be used at once all the time so the phone will use the slower cores to save power when not in use and up the core usage as the phone gets used for video and games.

This processor come with a Mali-G76 MP12 GPU which is a 12 pipeline GPU. With these pipelines you will get better performance and up to up to 40 percent improvement in performance overall with good power efficiency. The CPU also has advanced image signal processor (ISP) supporting up to five sensors which allows you to stream on both front and rear camera without dropping frames.

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Since the CPU has a  multi-format codec (MFC) it will also support encoding and decoding of 8K videos at 30fps which is really impressive. Again this will depend on the phone you are using. The CPU manufacturing ensure less power usage as the 8nm LPP (Low Power Plus) FinFET process reduces power consumption by up to 10 percent compared to 10nm LPP process from older CPU’s.

Exynos 9 Series (9820) Specifications

SPECExynos 9 Series (9810)Exynos 9 Series (9820)
SeriesExynos 9 SeriesExynos 9 Series
Process10nm FinFET8nm LPP FinFET
CPU (Primary)Custom CPU 2.9GHz QuadCustom CPU Dual
CPU (Secondary)Cortex®-A55 1.9GHz QuadCortex®-A75 Dual+Cortex®-A55 Quad
GPUMali™-G72 MP18Mali™-G76 MP12
Video4K UHD 120fps encoding and decoding8K 30fps of 4K UHD 150fps encoding and decoding
CodecHEVC (H.265), H.264, VP9HEVC (H.265), H.264, VP9
DisplayWQUXGA (3840×2400), 4K UHD (4096×2160)WQUXGA (3840×2400), 4K UHD (4096×2160)
Camera (Rear)24MP22MP
Camera (Front)24MP22MP
Camera (Dual)16MP+16MP16MP+16MP
ModemLTE Cat.18 6CA 1.2Gbps (DL) / Cat.18 2CA 200Mbps (UL)LTE Cat.20 8CA 2Gbps (DL) / Cat.20 3CA 316Mbps (UL)
StorageUFS 2.1, SD 3.0UFS 3.0, UFS 2.1
ApplicationSmartphone, TabletSmartphone, Tablet


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