Vodafone Galaxy S9+ vs Galaxy S8+

You can compare the Samsung Galaxy S9+ with the Samsung Galaxy S8+ which is on offer from Vodafone in the United Kingdom. The S9+ and the S9+ are the top end phone is each of their series. You can also see the comparison between the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S8 also listed on this website. Note also the price comparison between the two mobile phones and decide from there.

Vodafone Galaxy S9+ vs Galaxy S8+

You will note firstly the price difference between the two mobile phones so take this into consideration when buying either of the mobile phones. You will note that the storage capacity is vastly different in the two Galaxy phones. The sizes of the phones are the same and they weight approximately the same. The processors are different on the phones as the we have shown below:

Specs : Galaxy S9+ vs Galaxy S8+

You can compare the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S9+ as well as the Samsung Galaxy S8+ below by their ability, CPU as well as the GPU for each phone. Maybe then you can understand why they perform so differently. Always check the specs before you buy the phone as specs do change from time to time.


Octa-core Exynos 8895 

Octa-core Exynos 9810

Processor 2.3GHz Quad-Core (Custom CPU) + 2.9GHz Quad-core (Custom CPU) +
1.7GHz Quad-Core (Cortex A53) 1.9GHz Quad-core (Cortex A55)
GPU Mali G71 MP20 – (8@ 900 MHz)
Mali G72 MP18 (18@850 MHz)
  • Architecture – Bifrost
  • Architecture -Bifrost
  • Pipelines – 8 – unified
  • Pipelines – 18 – unified
  • Core Speed – 900 (Boost) MHz
  • Core Speed – 850 MHz
  • Shared Memory – no
  • Shared Memory – no
  • Technology – 16nm
  • Technology – 16nm

You will notice that the 9810 has a better GPU as well as a processor on the mobile phone. The latest processor being the Octa-core Exynos 9810 comes with a higher clocked CPU as well as a better GPU with 18 pipelines compared to the 8 on the Octa-core Exynos 8895 GPU which is a Mali G71 MP20 GPU. You will note that video playback is going to be much better on the latest processor and GPU as if would be able to play video at much higher frame rates due to the CPU and GPU being much faster.

  Galaxy S9 Plus Galaxy S8 Plus
Capacity 128 GB 64 GB
Display 6.2 inches 6.2 inches
Size and Weight Height: 158.1 mm
Width: 73.8. mm
Depth 8.5 mm
Weight: 189g
Height: 159.5 mm
Width: 73.4 mm
Depth: 8.1 mm
Weight: 173g
Splash, Water and Dust Resistant  Yes Yes
Chip Octa-core Exynos 9810 Octa-core Exynos 8895
Main Camera Dual 12 MP 12MP
Video Recording
UHD 4K (3840 x 2160)@60fps
Front Camera 8 MP 8 MP

Mobile phone data plans for Vodafone in the UK. Check with Vodafone if these offers are still valid.

Vodafone UK

100 GB data 26 GB data
With Unlimited minutes Unlimited minutes
Also with Unlimited texts Unlimited texts
Vodafone Global Roaming Vodafone Global Roaming
£50 a month
£49 upfront
£58 a month
£49 upfront


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