Alcatel 2051 Manual

If you are looking for the Alcatel 2051 manual for the Alcatel 2051 mobile phone. The most common uses for the manual are as follows : How to set up your email as well as how to check the internet settings. Also how to enable or to disable mobile phone data. These are very common questions when it comes to the Alcatel 2051 mobile phone. See also the specifications for the phone elsewhere on this website.

Alcatel 2051 Manual

How to setup your network manually on the Alcatel 2051


Alcatel 2051 Manual

If you are going to setup your mobile phone network manually with the Alcatel 2051 manual then you will first need to press the Menu button (A) on the mobile phone. Once you have done this you will need to press the right button (B) to access all the icons on the next screen. Now move the cursor on the phone to Settings. and press the OK button on the phone.

Next move the cursor on the phone to the Connectivity option and then press OK again. Click on Network Selection and press OK. Then move the cursor to Manual Select and then press the OK button again. Lastly move the cursor to select the Network which you wish to use and then press Ok again.

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  • Press Menu Button (A)
  • Then Press Right button (B)
  • Next Press Settings
  • Now Press Connectivity
  • Then Press Network Selection
  • Press Manually Select
  • Select your Network Press OK

How to Block Calls on the Alcatel 2051

You can Block calls on the Alcatel 2051 by pressing the Menu button (A) on the home screen. Now simply press the Right button (B) for the next screen. Move your cursor to the Call Filter and Press OK. Now move the cursor to Blacklist and then Press OK as well. Now Press the Options button and Click on New and Press the OK button after this. Now enter the details of the Calls you wish to block and Click on Save.


  • Press Menu Button (A)
  • Then Press Right button (B)
  • Now Press Settings
  • Then Press on Call Filter
  • Now Press on Blacklist
  • Then Press on Options
  • Click on New
  • Enter the number you wish to block

Check internet settings APN on Alcatel 2051

Much like the other settings you will need to press on the Menu button (A) on your phone. Then the Right button (B). Click on Settings next and then click on Connectivity. Now keep your cursor on the Data account and the click on Access Point. Press the select button.


  • Click on the Menu button (A)
  • Then Click on the right button (B)
  • Click on Settings
  • Then Click on Connectivity
  • Then Data account
  • Finally Click on Access Point
  • Now enter all your details for your APN.
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You APN settings as well as you MMS settings will depend on your country as well as your service provider. You can find a full list of APN settings on our sister website. Search for your country and service provider there.

How to Enable or disable mobile data on the Alcatel 2051

You can enable as well as disable mobile data on the Alcatel 2051. The process is very easy to follow. Much like the rest above. You move to the Menu button, Click on the right button. Move to Connectivity and then to GPRS Service. Then enable or disable mobile data.


  • Click on Menu (A)
  • Then Press the right button (B)
  • Press on Connectivity and then GPRS
  • Enable or Disable the system

These are the most commonly used features on the mobile phone. You can search this website for more information as well as look at such features as doing a factory reset on the phone. See also our companion websites for more information on the Alcatel 2051 manual. See the front page for more details on Alcatel.

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