Nokia X2-02 – Write text

The Nokia X2-02 write text is explained here. There are two ways to write a text message with the traditional writing or with predictive text turned on. Below you will learn how to use the different options when using the Nokia X2-02 mobile phone. You can also see how to backup the Nokia X2 as well as how to setup the call settings in the Nokia X2-02. you will find this most helpful. 

Nokia X2-02 – Write text

If want to understand how to use the Nokia X2 then you can see below how to manage the writing text on this mobile phone. You will note the following:

Switch between text input methods

Note that this will depend if your language is in the predictive text or not. Not all languages are covered by this. 

Select Options > Prediction

Switch between character cases

If you want to switch between upper and lower case then you will do this by pressing the # symbol on your mobile phones keyboard on the screen. This will change the character from lower to upper case.

Switch between the letter and number modes

You can also switch between letters and number you will need to press and hold the # symbol on your mobile phone. This will switch the keyboard between numbers and letters. 

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Set or Change the writing language

You can change the language on your mobile phone by doing the following on your mobile phone as the Nokia X2 -02 will change the language in this format:

  • Options > Writing language


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