Stop Data Roaming – Lumia 630

Data roaming can become very expensive when you have not turned it off on your Nokia Lumia 630 mobile phone and move across international borders. This is how to stop data roaming on your Lumia 630. Note the instructions below to turn on your WiFi. There are also other tasks which are on this website such as making a backup of your Lumia 630 as well as how to insert your SIM card in the Lumia 630 which is also on this website.

Stop Data Roaming – Nokia 630

Everyone knows that using a WiFi connection is usually faster as well as less expensive than using mobile data. Normally when there are both WiFi as well as mobile data your Lumia 630 uses the WiFi connection available. First you need to turn on the WiFi connection on your mobile phone.

  • Firstly make sure the WiFi networking is switched to On 
  • Secondly select the WiFi connection you want to use.

Now you need to check the setting for your mobile data to be turned off:

  • All Settings > Cellular+SIM
  • Switch Data connection to Off

The other option is to only turn off data roaming. This is done as follows:

  • All Settings > Cellular+SIM
  • Switch Data roaming options to don’t roam

These are the basis for both WiFi as well as for mobile data settings on your Lumia 630 mobile phone.


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