Vietnamobile Call Blocking Setup

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is how-to-e1542992325421.jpgYou can see the other topics on this website with regards to settings for Vietnamobile which will be helpful to you. You can also look at the page on how to setup voicemail as well as how to setup the APN on your mobile phone while in Vietnam. The APN settings for Vietnamobile is also on this website.

Vietnamobile Call Blocking Setup

If you wish to block calls in Vietnam then you have to pay for this service. Much like the Voicemail setup on Vietnamobile there is always a cost. The basic cost is 6,000 VND/ 30 days  and this will automatically renew. Note that the VIP service is slightly more at 9,000 VND/ 30 days. 

To subscribe  to the Basic package (Up to 10 numbers in blacklist) DK CB send to 345
To subscribe VIP package (unlimited number in blacklist)DK CB VIP send to 345
To activate the call block serviceCHAN ON send to 345
To deactivate the call block service CHAN OFF send to 345
To add number to blacklist CHAN send to 345
To delete number to blacklistCHAN XOA send to 345
To add number to whitelistNHAN send to 345
To delete number to whitelist  NHAN XOA send to 345
To get the assistance HD send to 345
To see current list  DS send to 345
To unsubscribe HUY CB send to 345


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