Vietnamobile Settings

apn settingsThese are the basic settings for your mobile phone in Vietnam. You can use this with the APN settings for Vietnamobile when in Vietnam. Also note that these might change. You may find the following useful when in Vietnam and connecting with their APN settings and using the mobile phone service.

Vietnamobile 3G setting

In order to get 3G service from Vietnamobile you will need to insert the settings into your mobile phone. The following is for different mobile phone and operating systems:

Inserting the APN settings: (Andriod Version 4)

  • Menu > settings >Wireless controls > Mobile networks > Access Point Name
  • Select Menu
  • Select New APN
  • Type in name Vietnamobile
  • Select OK 
  • Select APND and type in Internet
  • (Leave all other fields blank)
  • Select Menu and Select Save
  • Select button next to Vietnamobile
  • Select Home to complete the process.

Inserting the APN settings: (Andriod Version 2.3)

  • Select Settings
  • Select Wireless Network
  • Select Mobile Network settings
  • Select Access Point Names – at Name type in vietnamobile at APN type in : internet – (leave blank for other fields)

Inserting the APN settings: (Windows)

  • Select Cellular
  • Select Data connection > on
  • Select Menu
  • Select Network Setup
  • Select Add apn- Input internet for APN – leave blank for other fields
  • Select Make this my current APN to activate configuration
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Check your mobile phone Balance on Vietnamobile

Type *101#OK


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