USSD codes for Ring Germany

ussd codesThese are the USSD codes for Ring in Germany. You will note that it only offers very basic options like the smaller mobile service providers in Germany being the USSD codes for Klarmobil as well as the USSD codes for EDEKA.  These are all very small and limited and not in the size as the USSD codes for Vodafone or O2 in Germany.

USSD codes for Ring Germany

These are the USSD codes in Germany for Ring. These are very basic USSD services however they do cover the most basic of services for a small time operator in the German market. 

* 100 * recharge code #Charge the account with a prepaid card
* 101 #Check account balance
* 102 #Request allowances
* 122 #Query bonus points

You will note that the 100 USSD code is used by most mobile phone companies as the USSD code to check your balance. The 101 is also there to recharge your airtime using the code. You can also use the others which are the to either request allowances or to query your bonus points. Search this website for more information on USSD codes and how to use this on your mobile phone.


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