USSD codes for EDEKA Germany

ussd codesThese are the USSD codes for EDEKA Germany. EDEKA is a small operator of mobile in Germany and they do not have much USSD codes as they dont offer that many services. You will also note that they are unique to Germany and so are their USSD codes. They only offer 3 USSD codes and are not in the category of Vodafone Germany or O2 Germany in size.

USSD codes for EDEKA Germany

EDEKA mobile
* 100 #Account Manager
* 100 * recharge code #Charge the account with a prepaid card
* 102 #Cost of the last call

You will note that the first USSD code is very common and is used by more than one mobile phone provider. The code will check your balance. The second one will recharge your airtime on your mobile phone. The final one is very useful if you are on a budget. This USSD code will tell you what the cost was of your last telephone call. 

These three codes are easy to remember as well as to use. You can search this website for more information when it comes to the the EDEKA mobile phone network. These are the basic USSD codes and you will find them very useful in your everyday life.

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