T-Mobile APN Settings

mobile phone apnThe T-Mobile APN Settings has been added below. These APN settings can be used on both the iPhone as well as on the Android based mobile phone. You will find the process of setting up your mobile phone below with directions for the iPhone and Android devices. Should your settings not work then call the customers services department with T-Mobile for further assistance. Note that there are three different settings.

T-Mobile APN Settings

If you are not certain which of the three settings you should use then try the LTE version first as that is the easiest APN of the three. You only need to change one setting for this. Should it not work then the basic APN setting should be tried next before you try the older APN settings from T-Mobile. The settings are easy to insert, just look at the directions which we have listed below.

iPhone APN settings

- First select Settings.
- Then select General.
- Now select Network or Cellular
- Select Cellular Data Network.

- Under Cellular Data Option
  APN: fast.t-mobile.com
  Username: <blank> 
  Password: <blank> 

- Under MMS Option
  APN: <blank>  
  Username: <blank> 
  Password: <blank> 
  MMSC: <blank> 
  MMS Proxy: <blank> 
  MMS Max Message Size: <blank> 
  MMS UA Prof URL: <blank> 

- Click the Network Tab up the top to save

Android APN settings

- Press Main
- Now select Settings
- Then select Wireless and Networks
- Now select Mobile Networks
- Please select Access point Names
- Delete all APN's in this section.
- Press Menu
- Press New APN
- Enter the settings listed below.


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APN Settings for T-Mobile

T-MobileT-Mobile (LTE)T-Mobile (Old)
Data Settings
Data APNepc.tmobile.comfast.t-mobile.cominternet2.voicestream.com
Data APN Username[blank][blank][blank]
Data APN Password[blank][blank][blank]
MMS Settings
MMS APNepc.tmobile.com[blank][blank]
MMS Username[blank][blank][blank]
MMS Password[blank][blank][blank]
MMS MMSChttp://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc[blank][blank]
MMS Proxy216.155.165.50:8080[blank][blank]
MMS Maxsize1048576[blank][blank]
MMS Profurlhttp://www.apple.com/mms/UAProf.rdf[blank][blank]
APN Type (Internet)default, supldefault, supldefault, supl
APN Type (Messaging)mmsmmsmms
Authentication TypePAPPAPPAP
MMS ProtocolWAP 2.0WAP 2.0WAP 2.0
IP TypeIPv4v6IPv4v6IPv4v6


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