Liberty Wireless APN Settings

apn settingsThese are the Liberty Wireless APN settings. These APN internet settings will allow you Android, Windows and iPhone to connect to the Liberty Wireless network. See the details below and on the sidebar as to how best to add the settings to your mobile phone. The APN settings for the Android has also been added further below.

Liberty Wireless APN Settings

The Liberty Wireless APN settings for the iPhone has been added below. Note that you only need one setting when it comes to the iPhone as the rest of the settings are left <blank>.

APN: pwg
Username: (leave this section blank)
Password: (leave this section blank)

Note that the APN is pwg in lower case. The password as well as the username is all left <blank>. The following settings is for a Windows and an Android mobile phone. You will note that the APN settings are much longer.

That said however there are only three settings which need to be applied. See the full settings as they have been shown below. See also the Nokia 3310 settings as well as the Cricket Wireless APN settings, Cincinnati Bell APN settings as well as the Boost Mobile APN settings on this website.


Name: InternetMMSC:
APN: pwgMMS Proxy: 
Username:The MMS Port: 
Password:MMS Protocol: 
Server:Authentication type:
APN type: defaultThe APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6
APN protocol: IPv4Bearer: Unspecified


As you will note that you only need the APN as well as the MMSC to connect to the Liberty Wireless network. See the sidebar for more information as to how to place these APN settings into your mobile phone. There are normally two options:

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Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names

Or Settings > Wireless and Internet or under Settings > More > Mobile Networks

These are normally the two which you will have on your Android phone or your Windows mobile phone. The Settings will either be connections or Wireless & Internet setup. Again see the sidebar for more visuals if you need to see how to do this. Search this website for USSD codes and other settings as well.


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