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Redmi 9C NFC GSM

GSMThe specs of the Redmi 9C NFC GSM is very similar to other mobile phones in the Redmi range of mobile phones. You will note that the Redmi 9C NFC GSM is similar to the Redmi 9 M2004j19c that comes with NFC or near field charging. The Redmi 9 Prime does not have this however you will note that the specifications are similar.

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Redmi 9C GSM

GSMThese are the specifications of the Redmi 9C GSM mobile phone. You will note that the specs are very similar to others mobile phones in this range. The Redmi 9C specs shows that it comes with almost everything as the Redmi 9 NFC whoever it comes without the near field charger. The mobile phones in this Redmi range tend to be lower specs than other mobile phones.

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