APN settings for FONIC – Germany

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is how-to-e1542992325421.jpgThese are the APN settings for Fonic in Germany. You will not that most of the settings are left blank which means it does not need any input from your part. You can see on the sidebar how to insert the APN settings for FONIC into your mobile phone. Note that this is easier than the Vodafone APN settings. You can also find the USSD codes for Fonic on this website.

APN settings for FONIC – Germany

Leave all the settings blank except for one that needs to be completed. You can see below which settings needs to be filled in, in order to connect to the network. 

Data APNpinternet.interkom.de
Data APN Username<blank>
Data APN Password<blank>

Note that the APN username as well as the password is left empty. The only data you will need to enter is the APN data URL which is shown in the table above. Search this website for other APN settings from other mobile phone network in Germany.

See the Black wireless apn settings and Boom mobile as well. The Glo internet settings which is the Glo Ghana internet settings as you can see. Also the apn Simyo is listed and the Simyo apn settings as seen. There is also the Fonic apn and finally the Hutch balance code is there and the STC apn settings in Saudi Arabia.


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