Simyo APN Settings

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is how-to-e1542992325421.jpgThese are the APN settings for Simyo. You will note that unlike others there are a number of settings which needs to be added to connect the APN to the Simyo mobile phone network in Germany. You can also find the USSD codes for Simyo on this website. Simply add the APN settings and follow the How to … in the side bar of this website. 

Simyo APN Settings

You can find the APN settings for Simyo listed below. You will not that the usernames and passwords are all the same basic settings. See the sidebar if you dont know how to enter this into your mobile phone in Germany.

See the Black wireless apn settings and Boom mobile as well. The Glo internet settings which is the Glo Ghana internet settings as you can see. Also the apn Simyo is listed and the Simyo apn settings as seen. There is also the Fonic apn and finally the Hutch balance code is there and the STC apn settings in Saudi Arabia.


Data APN
Data APN Usernamesimyo
MMS Usernamesimyo
Data APN Passwordsimyo
MMS Passwordsimyo
MMS MMSChttp://mms/eplus:5080
MMS Proxy212.23.97.153:8080










You will note that the name of the Data APN as well as the MMS APN being different. Also the user names as well as the passwords used are all the same. The MMS MMSC settings are also listed as well as the MCC and MBC ports. You can also search this website for other settings for this network.

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