iPhone Tricks 2021

Iphone 5S Internet SettingsThere are a number of iPhone Tricks 2021 which you can use that many people do not know about. These are the most commonly used and useful ones that you can use for the iPhone. See if you can also use these tricks and tips for your iPhone mobile phone. Some call this tips and secrets of the iPhone. You can judge for yourself.

iPhone Tricks 2021

These are the most common tricks with the iPhone:

Spelling errors

If you made a spelling error then simply shake the phone and it will undo the word.


If you charge the phone in airplane mode it charges faster as there is less wasted energy turning into heat.


If you say “read my email” then Siri will read you emails aloud.


If you say “Which flights are over me” then it will tell you which flights are above you.

Teach Siri your accent

Go into the Siri menu and use raise to speak to pronounce words which it can imitate.

Take Picture with Volume Button

You can press the volume button to take a picture.

Multiple Photos at once

You can hold the capture button in for a second and it will take loads of consecutive pictures.

Use the Iphone as a spirit level

Simply go onto the compass and swipe left and you can use it as a spirit level.

Read the web aloud

Go to Setting > General > Accessibility > Speak Selection and turn it on. Highlight the text then “speak”.

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Start a new sentence

Click on the spacebar twice and it will make a new line.

Flash the light for alerts

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility, scroll down and turn on “LED Flash for Alerts”.

These are the most common tricks for the iPhone from Apple. More tricks will be added as they come to light.


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