The MOVICEL APN Settings for Angola I have added on here already. This fall under the APN Settings in Africa on here. Likewise there is also the APN Settings on here where I have listed a number of APN settings. See below how to use this on an Android mobile phone.


Likewise to manually configure MOVICEL’s APN settings on your Android device for internet or MMS access in Angola, follow these steps below, Likewise also see the Virgin South Africa APN Settings on here which I also wrote about. Lastly there is also the Afrihost South Africa APN Settings as well.

Firstly navigate to Settings ➔ Connections ➔ Mobile networks ➔ Access Point Names on your Android device.

Tap on Add in the top right corner. If any fields below already have values for MOVICEL, leave them unchanged. Adjust the remaining fields as follows:

– APN: default
– MCC: 631
– MNC: 04
– APN type: default,ia,supl
– Likewise APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6
– APN roaming protocol: IPv4
– Bearer: Unspecified

After applying these settings, restart your Android device to activate the new MOVICEL APN configuration.


To manually set up MOVICEL’s APN settings on your Android device for accessing internet or MMS services in Angola, access the settings menu and proceed to Connections, then Mobile networks, and finally, Access Point Names. Here, tap on Add located at the top right corner.

Likewise ensure to retain any existing values for MOVICEL and modify the rest as follows: Name: MOVICEL, APN: default, MCC: 631, MNC: 04, APN type: default,ia,supl, APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6, APN roaming protocol: IPv4, Bearer: Unspecified. Once adjustments are made, restart your Android device to activate the updated MOVICEL APN configuration. Lastly there is also the article I wrote on the Nokia 216 Internet Settings as well as the MTN APN Settings as well.

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