Samsung Galaxy A8+ GSM

GSMThe Samsung Galaxy A8+ GSM specification being offered by Airtel comes as a package and there are a number of these on this website which we have also added below so you can compare them. The Samsung Galaxy A8+ comes in two different colours which is Gold and Black. There is also only one option for storage being 64 GB of storage space on the mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy A8+ GSM

Samsung Galaxy A8+ GSMThe mobile phone plan in India is rather simple and is much like all other mobile phone plans. These also offered from Airtel with the exception of a few. The standard plan has been added below with the cost of either full payment or paying off the mobile phone over a few months. You will note that this phone the Samsung Galaxy A8+ GSM only offers one storage option of 64 GB.

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The mobile phone deals in India with Airtel is very diverse. This depending on what type of new mobile phone you are looking at. The mobile phone prices are very reasonable considering the mobile phone package. Much like other plans this plan comes with a new Samsung Galaxy A8+ plus unlimited calls in India as well as 12 months repair coverage. The Amazon Prime is normally for 12 months only and there is 100 GB of data each month. This is a bit higher than other packages such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 and it is more in line with the Samsung A8 Star mobile phone.

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The Samsung Galaxy A8+ comes with good specs such as a Dual SIM card ability. This as well as a 16 MP camera both front and rear with the rear camera being a dual camera. There is also a good AMOLED screen running on Android in UHD 4K resolution at 30 frames per seconds. See more information on this website.

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