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Redmi 9 Prime

GSMThe Redmi 9 Prime specifications have been added below for more information on what the Redmi 9 Prime mobile phone offers. The phone is a basic mobile phone much like the Redmi 9 which is also listed on this website. The Redmi 9 Prime is very small as it is only 163mm by 77 mm much like other mobile phones in this range. It is also very light coming in at about 198 grams. Much like others in this range from Redmi there is only 850/900 as well as 1800/1900 frequencies.

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Redmi 9 M2004J19C

GSMThe Redmi 9 M2004J19C mobile phone is a basic mobile phone which might be of interest to you. The phone is very light at only 198 grams and it is only about 160mm by 77mm and only 9mm thick. Note that this is a dual SIM mobile phone. Many of these phone today come with a dual SIM option. The mobile phone frequency is 850/900 which is not being used much any longer. There is also the 1800/1900 frequency. This is not a high-end mobile phone as the Redmi 9 M2004J19C is a budget mobile phone.

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