Buzz Me APN Settings

MMS settingsThe APN settings for Buzz Me in Malaysia has been set below. Note that Buzz Me does not offer MMS with their services. Note that you can look at their website of you are not sure. It takes about 3 days to connect to the service in Malaysia so you should consider when you are not connected that you might have not been activated as yet. Note the settings below for the APN settings to connect to their network in Malaysia.

Buzz Me APN Settings

To connect to our mobile Internet service, please follow the settings below:

Name: buzzme@m8
APN: m8data
Proxy: <leave blank>
User ID & Password: <leave blank>

Name : Buzzme@m8N/A
APN : m8dataN/A
Proxy : Not SetN/A
Port : Not SetN/A
Username : Not SetN/A
Password : Not SetN/A
Server : Not SetN/A
MMSC : Not SetN/A
MMS Proxy : Not SetN/A
MMS Port : Not SetN/A
MCC : Not setN/A
MNC : Not setN/A
Authentication Type : Not SetN/A
APN type : defaultN/A
APN protocol: Ipv4N/A
Enable/disable APN: APN EnabledN/A
Bearer: UnspecifiedN/A
MVNO type : NoneN/A
MVNO Value : Not setN/A


Buzz Me APN SettingsIf the APN settings for Buzz Me does not work then you will need to contact their service centre for more information as well as assistance. These had been the latest settings for their network in Malaysia. You can search this website for more information with regards to its connection settings.

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