MPT Myanmar Recharge

prepaid rechargeThis si the MPT Myanmar recharge procedure. If you are in Myanmar or Burma on the MPT mobile phone network and need to use the MPT Myanmar recharge or top up your credit then the process is simple enough to understand. To top up your pre-paid phone on the MPT network in Myanmar you will need to check a few things first. See more on this website below.

MPT Myanmar Recharge 

MPT Myanmar Recharge Top UpOnce you purchase your credit at the store then simply add the code to your mobile phone. They might need you telephone number for this. If you are buying top up credit from MPT then you can provide them with your telephone number for the mobile phone credit recharge.

Check your telephone number with MPT

To check your own MPT SIM number in Burma you will need to dial:  *106# (My account > Check Account). This will tell you what your telephone number is on the MPT network in Myanmar.

Check your balance with MPT

If you want to see what your balance is then the process to check your own MPT SIM balance you simply dial: *106#

This is who to check your mobile phone credit or balance in Myanmar on the MPT mobile phone network. You can also check what your telephone number is. This by using the USSD codes for MPT Myanmar which is shown above. You can also find the APN settings for MPT in Myanmar on this website. There are other USSD codes on this website as well. You can buy a recharge voucher for the MPT Myanmar recharge at most telephone stores in the country.

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To check what your telephone number is with MPT Myanmar. This as well as checking your balance with the MPT USSD code has also been added to make it easier if you forgot your telephone number or balance. Search this website for more details. See also the Ucom Armenia USSD codes as well as the Robi Bangladesh USSD codes on this website. For your older phones the Nokia 3310 connectivity settings have also been listed.


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