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Vodacom APN Settings

The Vodacom APN Settings has been added below. These settings are very similar to others on the South African network. These include the Virgin South Africa APN Settings as well as the MTN APN Settings which are also on here. The Vodacom APN Settings is for the Android, Windows as well as the Apple operating system. Complete the settings as shown as this will allow you to connect to the network. The Vodacom network settings are explained below.

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MTN APN Settings

The MTN APN Settings or MTN network settings in South Africa has been added below. The MTN South Africa is similar to the Cell C network settings as well as the Afrihost network settings. The network settings for the South African networks are very similar. There is a difference between them and their foreign networks. You can search this website for other MTN settings and shortcuts. The APN settings are for a Windows , Android and Apple iPhone.

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Cell C APN Settings

The Cell C APN Settings is added below for you to add to your mobile phone. This is similar to the Afrihost APN settings on this website. See below how to connect to the Cell C network with the network settings for your Android phone. The Windows phone as well as the Apple phone has also been added. If you don’t know how to do this then read below. There are also other pages on this webiste with pictures for you to see. See the sidebar for those links.

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Afrihost South Africa APN Settings

This is the Afrihost South Africa APN Settings for the Apple iPhone as well as for the Windows and Android mobile phones. Afrihost is a network provider in South Africa. If you want to setup APN settings for your phone then see below how to enter this into your mobile phone. You can also search this website for other South Africa mobile phone networks.

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